Top 5 Front End Development Podcasts

I have been listening to Podcasts for around two years now. Not only just for Front End stuff but I also listen to a few lifestyle/comedy/music/general tech based podcasts as well.

I think the Podcast format is really useful since unlike YouTube for e.g. you don’t have to sit still and give it your full attention all the time to consume the content being shared.

I listen to Podcasts mainly on my commutes to work but anywhere really. Really comes in handy when I’m on the underground and have no phone signal, but have some Podcast episodes saved to my phone. Another good place to listen is on the treadmill in the gym 💪🏿. You can literally listen anywhere and it doesn’t really matter what you’re doing.

Below are my top 5 front end development podcasts that I have found useful/informative. Drop a comment below if you know any others that are worth a listen.

Shoptalk Show

Hosted by Chris Coyier and David Rupert, this is mostly CSS related and the guys do a great job of making the episodes funny and easy to listen to. They touch on some really good topics and there are special ‘Rapid Fire’ episodes where they fire off answers to listeners questions that have been sent in.


Developer Tea

Created by Jonathon Cutrell who initially aimed to deliver really short bitesize episodes of around 5~10 minutes, but the episodes have ended up getting longer over time. Still quite short in comparison to most Podcasts. Developer Tea focusses more on improving the soft skills of being a developer rather than touching on really technical aspects. A very different approach, compared to other front end podcasts and definitely worth a listen.



Aimed at newbie developers. Although I don’t consider myself a newbie as such, I think some of the topics covered and the way that the topics are dissected allows the listener to get a fresh insight no matter their current level.


JavaScript Jabber

A really in depth JavaScript podcast that covers every subject you can think of from JS conferences to the latest and greatest JS framework. They even have a ‘Pick of the Week’ section at the end of each show where each panellist picks a favourite thing share with the rest of the panel and the listeners.


The Big Web Show

Hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman, this is a really good general front end show, with various different topics touched on, including looking back at the Web and how it has changed over time. Usually high profile guests with big followings in the Front End community.